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Jeweller in Focus: Issue. 12
3rd Week, July
Finelines Jewellers
Ben Tracy

The welcome ability of a jeweller to transport the curious and wandering eye into new dimensions of beauty is one which is as rare as a chameleon diamond unearthed from nature’s vast and boundless depths. However, in our contemporary day and age, one particular jeweller has flourished through years of dedication and application of immeasurable talent. This is the reality for the Gold Coast’s very own – Benjamin Tracy. Owner of Finelines Jewellers, Ben has utilised his incredible passion for the mellowing stability of jewellery, and the fiery passions of each individual gemstone to create pieces which wonder and amaze.

Royalty in Jewellery – Ben Tracy

Ben Tracy – Finelines Jewellers

“Forget you have no chance, and go for it”

Ben Tracy’s Jewellery journey has been reflective of the subtle effervescent passion he has for the art form. From working in Bali with local artisans to exploring the vividly decorated streets of London, Ben has had opportunities which are unmatched in the industry. One of which being his acceptance to work at Gerrard Crown Jewellers in London. “My dream, when I was a young apprentice, was to someday work with the Crown Jewellers in London”. And through this dream, he spent a decade inside the workshop, learning new skills and refining old ones.

Additionally, due to Ben’s love for the industry, he’s had the opportunity to create some stunning high-profile pieces of jewellery. This includes the marquise cut diamond ring for David Beckham’s Engagement, “The Heart of the Ocean” from the Blockbuster film The Titanic, and multiple pieces within Queen Elizabeth II’s private collection. However, Finelines is not done yet! Ben sees himself “being inspired to create beautiful pieces for his clients” with his fantastic team well into the future!

Finelines Inspiration and Innovation

Fineline’s was a business established in 1997 and was running successfully when Ben was handed the baton. This exchange happened almost nine years ago, and the business has been booming ever since. “I never really knew the reason behind the name, but it suited us, so we kept it alive”.

The inspiration for Ben’s Jewellery comes from a variety of places. This includes nature’s vast oceans, beaches and ocean skies. However “life in the City is what really inspires” Ben to make his jewellery pieces. Regardless of whether it’s “fashion, industrial design, or architecture”, all of them are strong points of inspiration. However, it is important to recognise that Finelines is most inspired by “the life and personal story of the client”. It is of utmost importance to “understand the clients and their stories” especially when designing their bespoke pieces of jewellery.

Experiencing The Finelines Technique

Finelines utilises a variety of innovative techniques to create their masterful pieces of jewellery. However, each of them comes from its own individual region and contains stories which are unmatched.

“The techniques I use to create simple, yet elegant jewellery are drawn from all the great jewellers have worked alongside”. These jewellers have hailed from Ben’s experiences in Indonesia, England, and France – a portfolio like no other. Ben has taken in the information of everyone around him like a sponge and uses his skill to create such beautiful pieces. “By taking elements of skills from each of the artisans who have shared with him, “it has helped me create the type of jewellery I create now”.

One of the biggest pieces of advice which sticks in Ben’s mind is a piece of advice he received from one of his prior Master Jewellers. Ben was an apprentice and the advice was a manufacturing technique directly related to the finishing of pieces. From then onwards, he understands the importance of “keeping pieces clean, working through emery and polishing grades to create an amazing finish to a piece carefully crafted by hand”.

Moving Forward Internationally

Ben’s experiences within the Jewellery industry thus far have been varied. “I keep saying that I have had a very fortunate career so far” and he wholeheartedly believes that. He wouldn’t change any of the decisions he’s made in the past. “I haven’t actually faced any real issues within the industry”. Ben’s fortunate circumstances have allowed him to have many fantastic opportunities, and this allows him to focus on making the finest jewellery he can.

We also asked Finelines Jewellers to comment on how the Australian market was progressing in comparison to the international industries. His response, filled with the experience of multiple lifetimes was as follows:

“I can honestly say that the Jewellery industry here in Australia is forging ahead and able to sit comfortably alongside our international counterparts, with both unique and captivating design alongside boundary-pushing skills. Obviously, some of the older international jewellery brands are so well established and have been creating fine jewellery for centuries that they have really refined the art form, and the precise balance of their crafted pieces are finished with such finesse, and so for me personally these were the most important elements I took from my time crafting jewellery in Europe.”


“Finding your Passion is the most important part of both finding yourself, as well as finding your place as a jeweller. I’m very passionate about our craft, and this helps me move forward within the industry. However, travel and surfing have been other passions of mine, and these have tied in well together. I’ve been able to incorporate them into my business which led me to explore some beautiful and unusual places, whilst meeting fantastic people along the way. Passion leads to enjoyment, and enjoyment leads to growth. I believe this directly translates into our business and so I also look forward to growing through education and technology in the coming years. I have the vision to be able to export our fine jewellery to other parts of the world, and I will work towards that.

This all stems from having passion and putting in the time and effort and really having a go. Step out of that comfort zone, forget you have no chance, and go for it

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