Welcome to The Jeweller’s Corner,

This is the one-stop repository for industry trade professionals provided by us The Gem Monarchy. Although our website is a retail website, our aim is to utilise it to serve our jewellers as well. In addition The Jeweller’s Corner is a pioneering feature aiming to do a multitude of things, ranging from creating an account with us, providing advice and education into the world of gemstones to displaying gemstones at trade prices. Also, it allows the jeweller to breeze through our process, content and gemstones at their own time and leisure.

There will be links to the Jewellers Association of Australia and the International Colored Gemstone Association, as we are members of both associations and we regularly utilise their tools to assist us in our day-to-day activities and education. Additionally, the Jewellery World Magazine tab will lead you to the latest edition of the magazine, where we feature quite regularly.

The corner will be updated periodically with new content, whether it be in the unfiltered section or in the display boxes, along with future feature additions. So make sure you check it regularly!

Also, if you do have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us on our website and social media!

Punala Kiripitige FGAA,
Founder of The Gem Monarchy

The Jeweller’s Tools

Create an Account

To make you eligible for our trade prices, and access to our jeweller’s corner content, create a trade account with us!

The Gem Monarchy Unfiltered (TGMU)

The Gem Monarchy Unfiltered is a raw journal exposing the gemstone market and trade. It also shows the jeweller how you can navigate through the world of gemstones and the art of purchasing.

Display Boxes & JIF

Our display boxes are a quick snapshot into the types and quality of gemstones which we provide. Additionally, it doubles as a platform for our JIF Booth Extension.

Jewellers Association of Australia

The Jewellers Association of Australia is the governing establishment for jewellers in Australia. Additionally, they provide important tips, tricks and information on how to make jewellery and run a business.

International Colored Gemstone Association

The International Colored Gemstone Association(ICA) is the international governing body for gemstone merchants. Also, the ICA provides the latest news on gemstones and colour, working with a multitude of industry professionals

JewelleryWorld Magazine

The JewelleryWorld Magazine is your go to magazine for Australian Jewellery News and Articles.