THE GEM MONARCHY is a pioneer in gemstones and jeweller collaborations in Australia and the world, where our team approach, promotes both ourselves as jewellery retailers and wholesalers and also our jewellers. Additionally, this highlights the incorporation of the jeweller’s own style along with our own gemstones. It also provides our retail clients a chance to experience the expertise in jewellery. No one can wear a single gemstone; they have to be set in a piece of jewellery. Therefore, our stockist jewellers are available to help you anytime. Also, by having a select few stockists, we are able to curate a qualitative experience to our stones. Have a look at the jewellers which are part of THE GEM MONARCHY family. Who knows, you might even walk away from their website with a piece or two.

Our Kingdom

All those in our kingdom are part of our family. Being a majority wholesale supplier of gemstones; We have a long list of jewellers who have accounts with us and have access to our stock. So if ever the need for you to create a piece of jewellery with one of our gemstones, check below. Contact us today to put you through to your best and most convenient jeweller option. Also on the world map below(in orange), are regions of the world which we have have clientele in.

P.S. If you are a jeweller who is interested in creating an account with us; please don’t hesitate to fill out the accounts form available at: Accounts Form.



Located in the heart of city, on King William Street in Adelaide, South Australia, The Opal Diamond Factory is a family jewellery business run by managing director, Mike Saj-Rynes. Mike grew up in the opal fields of Coober Pedy, South Australia, where his father was a miner, opal cutter and jeweller. Carrying on the family legacy Mike and his family expertise lies in (you might’ve guessed it) opals and diamonds, but now have the ability to access our coloured gemstones for your viewing pleasure. The Gem Monarchy’s professional relationship began at the middle of this year, 2020. Despite this, Mike and his family have been family friends for nearly more than a decade. Our relationship bound by core values of family, and respect.

Procured in 2020, The Opal Diamond Factory and The Gem Monarchy, have started an exclusive collection of jewellery. It all started when we, at The Gem Monarchy wanted a few pieces of jewellery for some family and friends. So we enlisted the excellent skill and craftsmanship of Mike and his team to create some pieces for us. Safe to say the pieces did justice for our gemstones. Thus, we set our roots to begin an exclusive collection of jewellery where both our customers could purchase pieces of jewellery with our gemstones set in them. Our initial collection we purchased, we named as “L’originale“.


The newest collection is in the production stage with some pieces already passing quality inspection. It is called The “Altura” Collection, meaning “rise” in Spanish; all of the jewellery in the collection having symbolism to all of the simple but beautiful colours which can be seen from the sky.

The Gem Monarchy x The Opal Diamond Factory
Los Colores

We’ve also launched our second collection named: Los Colores, meaning the colours. The idea stems from pieces of jewellery with a focus on colour and an affordable price point for the everyday consumer!

The Opal Diamond Factory X The Gem Monarchy collaboration will extend into multiple collections and we cannot wait to reveal them to you!

Disclaimer: Although The Gem Monarchy is an owner in the collaborative effort, The Opal Diamond Factory is housing and displaying our collaboration. Any additional sale information are to be directed to The Opal Diamond Factory.

L’originale – Stones by The Gem Monarchy & Jewellery by The Opal Diamond Factory
REFINERY ROW X The Gem Monarchy

On the 2nd of March 2021, The Gem Monarchy celebrates its first birthday. To celebrate, we, in combination with the wonderfully talented Refinery Row are releasing our first collaboration together. They are wall prints of coloured gemstones. The aim of the collection not only promotes some beautiful gemstones in our stock but also the amazing aspects of the jewellery industry.

We all know that light as the natural element which powers life and the earth. In gemstones, a product of the earth, light is what powers colour. This collection of wall prints is a celebration of such light, colour and gemstones, where each is a citizen of colour in the rainbow.


Brining a splash of colour to your walls with a collection of 10 special gemstone illustration fine art prints!



Mark and Liana at The Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio are one of the friendliest jewellers that you will meet. Their main focus is to make sure that you have a piece that you are proud of. Located in Rockingham, Western Australia, Mark and Liana walk together with the customer with their expertise in diamonds, jewellery and gemstones. They now stock our beautiful gemstones as a part of their stock and displays.

Liana, trained in South Africa, working with many premium jewellers, afterwards travelling to Australia to continue working as a jeweller. Over her career she has won multiple awards for her stunning designs and exquisite pieces. With Mark, her husband, they make a perfect duo of artistic creativity and passion, with their beautiful social media platforms, website and jewellery.

If you want a personalised experience they are the people to go to, especially when you live in Western Australia.