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A piece of jewellery always begins with an idea and a concept. The idea and the concept need two specific things, the precious metal and the precious stone. Jewellery of the highest caliber has a mixture of both mixed together harmoniously to create a unique feeling and memory. Despite this one crucial element is the gemstone itself, where designers base a piece of jewellery on the gemstone itself. Therefore, we can say that the gemstone in a piece of jewellery is what makes it unique, whether it may be a diamond, sapphire, ruby or even an amethyst.

We understand choosing the right stone for the right occasion can be difficult. Which is why the team at THE GEM MONARCHY is able to assist with every step of the selection process, from the mines to you. So trust the process, and trust us to find the best gemstone for you.

A stunning ~7 carat blue sapphire from Ceylon(Sri Lanka), in our collection. (Not for Sale)

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The Royal Herald

The Royal Herald is The Gem Monarchy’s Official Newspaper, with all of the latest news and editorials.

We believe in a wholistic experience when delivering our service, therefore for every stock update we have an associated article. Check out some of our most popular articles to date, on Sapphires from Ceylon and Tourmalines from Africa. Other awesome articles are available on The Royal Herald.

Beautiful Blue Sapphire

The Birthstone of September and Its Misconceptions September is the month of the Sapphire. In the presence of such a great stone, a meta-analysis is not enough to cover the vast name “Sapphire”. Previously we introduced Sapphires based on their Origin: Madagascar and Ceylon(Sri Lanka). Therefore, at this stage, people require a micro-analysis for a deeper understanding of…

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Pretty Pink Sapphire: A Bubblegum Delicacy

A Pretty Paragraph Pink Sapphires have long been the second narrator in the story of sapphires. Working hand-in-hand with its close sibling the blue sapphire, the bubblegum delicacy in the current market is a coveted gemstone. However, before we discuss the end, we must first explore the beginning. So let’s explore: The Pretty Pink Sapphire….

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