The Inclusion Journal

The Gem Monarchy strives to be an industry leader and educator on the world of gemstones.

As a business we primarily deal with gemstones which are eye clean, near loupe clean or completely loupe clean. But in the world of gemstones, there’s a whole universe that more than meets the eye! In fact in some gemstones, inclusions are very characteristic or even diagnostic to the origin and location of the gemstone. Trichites in tourmalines, to Horsetail Inclusions in Demantoid Garnets, inclusions are a a part of a stone’s character and personality. We, at The Gem Monarchy recognises this and strive to add education about the world of gemstones into our boutique approach. Therefore, with the aid of our in-house gemmology laboratory we’d love to invite you to enter into the world of gemstone microscopy and the wonderful inclusions which mother nature presents.

I0002: Subhedral Crystal Inclusion in Garnet

Garnets, other than quartz, are considered one of the most abundant gemstones on the planet. Different types of garnets have certain inclusions which are characteristic of them. And then there are inclusions which are available commonly in gemstones. In gemmology, we find that garnets exhibit inclusions a lot more just because of the abundance of…

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I0001: Fluid Inclusion in Tourmaline

The Gem Monarchy’s collection spans decades worth of gemstones in both faceted and rough material. And within this collection are countless gemstones which we have reaped the rewards of investment, especially in regards to jewellery quality/eye clean near loupe clean quality. However, there are other gemstones which in the eyes of the 4C’s are not…

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