About Us

At THE GEM MONARCHY we aim to make your jewellery transcend the ordinary to the extraordinary, similar to the jewellery of kings and queens of past, present and future, by providing gemstones of the highest quality and lustre.

Let our gemstones bring a sparkle to your life. Gemstones come from the earth as little wonders which need to be caressed out of the ground. They have to be shaped to perfection and cut to enhance the stone’s natural beauty and curves. For a gemstone to appear as we envision it, we have to control the integrity of the process; from the mines to you. To enable this, a strong team of minersworkersapprentice and master lapidarists work around the clock. We all believe in one single goal: to display the royalty of a gemstone.

Punala Kiripitige FGAA

Punala is the elder son of two gem enthusiasts who have been collecting and supplying gemstones internationally for the past 30 years. He was only a few days old when he first held a Ceylon Sapphire. After having completed his Diploma in Gemmology with the Gemological Association of Australia(GAA), he has an excellent knowledge of gemstones. Whilst studying Bachelor of Medicine/ Surgery, at the University of Adelaide, he is also studying Graduate Gemmologist at the Gemological Institute of America(GIA). Additionally, his upbringing in and around gem markets in Sri Lanka, and expertise in analysing said markets and trends in gemstones, will give you the best opportunity to select a beautiful gemstone for you at the best price.

The Master Lapidarists

Jayantha Samaranayaka – Master Lapidarist, General Manager

Jayantha works from his home lapidary situated in Kalutara, Sri Lanka (District next to the famous gem capital Ratnapura). In addition, you will see Jayantha’s excellent work in most of our larger Sapphires. He not only works on Sapphires but also supervises many of our other lapidarists who constantly work on millimeter-sized stones. They also work from their homes under Jayantha’s guidance and constant quality inspections. In addition, his ability to analyze rough stones and designing the best cut for a particular stone is remarkable. All of his cuts are unique and beautiful. Additionally, what he produces from his little workstation is of the highest caliber in the world.

Dapana Saman – Master Lapidarist

Saman is a valuable member of The Gem Monarchy family, who works from the beautiful coastal city of Matara near the South of Sri Lanka. He is also another one of our master lapidarists, and especially works wonders on our range of semi-precious stones. You will see his years of experience in gem cutting and the creativity of his work in our tourmalines aquamarines as well as other semi-precious stones available on our store. Similar to Jayantha he also oversees a large production of calibrated stock. Thus giving The Gem Monarchy little lustrous wonders capable of amazing everyone’s hearts and souls.

Rohana Siriwardana – Master Lapidarist

Rohana had recently joined the team after our master lapidarists recognised his talent. This was following him winning a multitude of awards at the esteemed Sri Lankan International Gem Show: “THE FACET”. Also, you can see Rohana’s amazing and beautiful cutting on our range of Spinels and garnets. His unique cutting optimises the natural colour of the stone and uses basic principles of light to immensely illuminate the stone. As mentioned before his unique style allows him to be not only nationally but, internationally recognised as an outstanding lapidarist, one who is proud to be working with us, and us with him.

Samantha Jayasuriya – Master Lapidarist

Samantha has been cutting gemstones for the past 20 years in his own lapidary in the popular gem city of Ratnapura. The beautiful spinels which you see on our website and on our social media were specifically hand-cut by Samantha. This talent of working with Spinels, also secured his position on being a master lapidarist in The Gem Monarchy family. Samantha is also in-charge of one of our lapidary facilities, where he has five permanent lapidarists and apprentices working on our stock. This additionally allows us to produce beautiful and stunningly faceted gemstones at an adequate rate. Samantha enjoys his craft, which is why you can see his passion on our gemstones.

Support Staff

Dev Jayasinghe – Graphic Artist

Dev, a recent graduate from high school, is our newest addition to our team! Throughout his childhood, much similar to our Founder Punala developed a love of art and graphic design and is a family friend and relative. In addition, as The Gem Monarchy grows larger and our orders become more frequent we needed a second hand in helping with our photography processing. His half-a-decade of experience as a graphic designer allows him to replicate quality expected from that of our team. Additionally, he now works on the photographs of our gemstones and jewellery. We are overjoyed to accept Dev into our team, to work in a collaborative process. Our aim being to produce some amazing pieces of content about the wonderful world of gemstones.


The Gem Monarchy is a member of the prestigious International Colored Gemstone Stone Association, Jewellers Association of Australia, and

Our Founder, Punala is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia.

We are also a member of the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association.

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