AURUPT – Into the Unknown

Jeweller in Focus: Issue. 8
1st Week, March
Braydon Mosk

There are moments in life where one must jump into the deep end, and find their own way through life. This is exactly what can be described as the birth of AURUPT. A Brisbane based jewellery company that explores all facets of jewellery, from jewellery repair to gold and metalwork, and bullion sale. AURUPT was founded by two inspirational individuals, who came together through mutual interest and launched into the jewellery industry. These two people are Braydon (Don) Mosk, and Ryan Silvester.

An Impulsive Decision

Braydon (Don) Mosk (left) and Ryan Silvester (right)

Prior to founding AURUPT, both Don and Ryan ran their own individual successful sole trader businesses for over 30 years between them. Each individually developing their own skills and expertise while exploring the avenues of individual, unique, and bespoke jewellery. Business was booming for both jewellers, even during the Covid-19 pandemic,

Over time, their paths crossed more and more. They began utilising each other’s skills to lighten workloads and share ideas. They both recognised multiple different opportunities within the industry in order to launch into business together. However, the worry of being in a “partnership” company was one that was one of the unknown waters. The fear of “the horror stories which everyone hears” was something that initially halted the business from forming. This process went on for close to a year when they finally decided to “jump on something new”.

“One day, literally over a text message, Ryan messaged me asking ‘So? Are we doing this?’”. And at that moment, Braydon knew that it just had to be done. They both “quit their part-time jobs, shut down their sole trader businesses, and went all out on this company”. Since then, the business has changed the landscape of the jewellery industry in Brisbane. “From just two people to 14 staff in less than 12 months”, the business has grown to become highly successful, even through the COVID period.

The Mind of Don

Don is well known for being extremely open-minded about the jewellery pieces which he creates. In addition to this, his unique style, and way of thinking, allows for the creation of pieces that would otherwise not be thought about. Don was asked to comment about his thinking process, and this is what he had to say:

“It’s hard to describe how your own mind works, especially when it comes to putting together imagery for a wearable piece of art. I like to test the boundaries of physics for my own creations; to combine modern architectural shapes with specific techniques and skills for my once-off designs and competition pieces”. In addition to this, Don’s “love of modern art”, combined with the “new technologies which are available in the Jewellery Industry” helps when creating jewellery. “I think at best, just by having a wild imagination is the best way to answer this question”.

Another factor that allows Don to create his unique pieces is the use of the customer’s imagination. “Most pieces hold a brief from the customer’s own imagination”. Being able to “take inspiration from an image in someone else’s mind” is something that always comes in handy. Being able to do this proves difficult at the best of times, however, knowing where to start is the first step in every process. Hence the reason for Don’s first question to customers: “Curves or Straight lines?.. Or are you a little crazy like me?”

The Reason For Success

The success of AURUPT is a story that rarely occurs within the jewellery industry. However, there are a few key factors that have all played a role in the business’s success. Firstly, Don and Ryan have created an environment where it is a “happy, fun workspace, where everyone has the opportunity to speak their mind in any way”. Forming this environment has allowed for the development of “a solid team, and a solid partnership”.

Even with this being the case, AURUPT also focuses heavily on maintaining a growth mindset. “We’re still learning, and you can’t do everything right all of the time.” This process of recognising that It is impossible to please everyone allows for the business to overcome challenges and remove the “small stuff” and focus on the overall goals.

Another reason why the business has seen so much success is due to the unity of Ryan and Don. “If you have a business partner, they will literally become like a ‘partner’! Sometimes you’ll want to punch each other in the face, sometimes you could kiss them”. However, no matter what happens, everyone believes in themselves, and never undervalues their skills and abilities. By working together through thick and thin, Don and Ryan have worked together to build an environment of professional progress.

The Meaning Behind AURUPT

The strength behind AURUPT can even be seen from the meaning behind its name. “Ryan was the brain behind using the periodic table as a guide for the name”. Using the metals that jewellers worked with every single day, AURUPT utilises each property to represent a different value within its name.

  • Au – Gold – The number one material in which their business thrives upon.
  • Ru – Rethenium – A material used in alloys to foorm a strong bond.
  • Pt – Platinum – The elite metal used in jewellery, representating the highest standard in the business.

With all these features coming together, AURUPT is representative of the success it brings.

Out of the Box Jewellery

AURUPT Jewellery is well known for pushing the boundaries with the intricate pieces which they create. As “big believers of taking advantage of technology”, the AURUPT workshop contains the latest technology for all the jewellers to use. All the staff are trained and equipped with the methods of handling each and every piece of equipment. This allows for a greater effect of creativity, and for bold pieces of jewellery to be made.

“We have multiple laser machines, axis milling machines, the best programs of CAD, and Z-Brush.” These tools are used to aid in the creation of AURUPT pieces, and “If there is something out there that can better aid in the quality of our product and service, we want a part of it.”

Another aspect of the AURUPT design is that they do not say no to some of the crazy ideas which come their way! “Why say no to something that is going to be so fun to create?”. With a plethora of novelty items and custom orders which have been requested by AURUPT, they have taken each challenge on, and have created wonderful pieces of work. “One of the biggest things we tell customers is to ‘be different!’”. With such a young and vibrant team, AURUPT is open to many ideas and loves to take on challenges.

Why hold yourself back, when the world around you is only going to keep moving forward

No Regrets

AURUPT has faced a variety of challenges. Many challenges which any startup business would face. However, with every decision which they’ve made, they have no regrets about the path it has taken them. “Regardless of whether you could do something again or not, something else would present itself in its place, or just create another opportunity or problem to solve”. They sincerely believe that every opportunity is something that can move them forward, no matter how challenging or difficult it may be.

The biggest issue which they have faced is the terms of payment for their pieces. There have been many times where clients have not adhered to their own guidelines. When these instances occur, Don advises everyone to “set your terms and hold firm to them. There is no need to stress out on a client who does not respect your business and work. “. Focus your effort into projects that reward you correctly, and never put yourself in a position where you solely rely on only one other company as a form of income.”

“Just because an idea failed once, doesn’t mean it will fail again. It just may not have been the right time”

Braydon Mosk

A Message to Future Jewellers

“There are many aspects of the jewellery industry which you will fall in love with. However, it is just as important to remind yourself of your passions outside of it all as well. For me, Streetwear, Fashion, Luxury Cars, Modern Art – Thi finer things in life. These are the passions that fuel me outside of purely my work. I’ve chosen the entrepreneur lifestyle, and it kept me on my feet. I’ve found something that I’m addicted to, and its something in which I try extremely hard to be involved.

Be able to follow your passions, and aim forward with your goals. My goals are a lot larger than where I am today. And yet, I’m grateful and very happy. I have an online clothing business called MDisthelabel, a gallery project called TheCaratCartel. AURUPT is the Jewellery platform that I now share with Ryan and my awesome team, I also own a company called MADEcover within the Jewellery industry, which is also partnered with Ryan Silvester. My family business is Hillview Brahman Stud and my DONMOSK company profile is a platform for myself, my friends, my family and followers to view it all under one roof. I work A LOT, but I always have time for those that I love. I’ve built my business surroundings so I can work from anywhere and while on the move.

Even as you aim for heights, remember the progress that you’ve made. Yes, Winning some design competitions is cool, my personal favourite part of the business is the growth which you can see. We are only 5 months into our second year of business, and now have over 50+ trade client contracts, our own retail online presence and are working on some insane goals by the end of 2022. After doing something so long for yourself, being able to pass that knowledge onto your own staff and help them build their dreams is what it’s all about.

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