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Jeweller in Focus: Issue. 5
3rd Week, February
Madeline’s Jewellery by Design
Madeline Duffy

Madeline’s Jewellery by Design is a small business located in Bunbury, Western Australia. One of the newest businesses in the Jewellery market, Madeline’s Jewellery By design began in 2020. From then, Madeline has faced a variety of challenges, however, has pushed through each and every one of them. Now, finally being able to open up a studio and being highly successful as a young business that is growing in Australia. Madeline creates Jewellery that is unique and personal. A quality which is portrayed through each and every design, as they can be personalised to every single customer.

Through Fire and Flame – Madeline Duffy

Madeline Duffy – The fuel behind Madeline’s Jewellery by Design – Photo by Ben Yew

The success of Madeline’s Jewellery by Design is reflective of the hard work which has been put in by the owner: Madeline Duffy. She is a young jeweller who at just 24 years old has endured many hardships in order to reach where she is today. Originally, Madeline was extremely interested in art. Her interests lie in painting and drawing, however, it wasn’t until she finished high school that she thought about becoming a jeweller. During her apprenticeship, Madeline learnt how to do everything the hard way. A large portion of her learning was done through the use of old-school, more traditional techniques in order to create beautiful works. However, in more recent times, she utilises modern technology to assist her in creating fabulous pieces of jewellery.

Today, even after facing a plethora of challenges, including beginning a business during the pandemic, and facing a fire burning down much of her hard work, Madeline has powered forward in order to create amazing jewellery, and develop her business to what it is right now!

A Business with Vision

Madeline’s Jewellery by Design is a business that is storming forward during modern times. This can be accounted for due to some of the characteristics which Madeline portrays when pursuing success within the jewellery industry. Some of the qualities which she aspires for are listed below:

Young – “In our industry, I think being young has its advantage!” Due to her age, Madeline is able to connect with her target demographic (18-35-year-olds). Whether it be through the use of social media or face-to-face interactions, Madeline is able to befriend her clients and develop trust. The advantage of age allows her to recognise demographic budgets, fashionable designs and styles, create innovative designs which are beautiful lifelong, and explore the needs and wants of clients on a personal level.

Determined – Maddie has faced many different challenges throughout her pursuit of success in the jewellery industry. She had a “strange experience” as the workplace was unsettled, to say the least. And when Covid hit, she lost her job. Even through devastation, she pushed on. She knew that she was extremely unhappy, but wanted to keep doing what she loved, which was being a jeweller. As such, she set up a jewellery bench in her parent’s garage, picked up and delivered work to clients houses, started posting on social platforms and developed her own following. Through sheer determination and effort, she was able to follow her passion and become a self-made successful jeweller.

Passionate – Within the industry, passion is a large factor that enables success. This is especially true for Madeline. She “could talk about jewellery, diamonds, and gemstones all day!” She is “constantly thinking and dreaming about jewellery. Her mind scours for new designs, new collections, new techniques, and new methods of creating beautiful pieces. Once her mind is set on what she specifically wants to create, there is no changing her mind.

Jewellery By Design

Maddie’s Jewellery by Design is a business that thrives on creating signature pieces for each and every customer. Every jewellery piece is made to suit each person. From the sourcing of the gemstones and diamonds to the design which is chosen, every step of the way is a collaboration between customer and jeweller. Through this process, every piece is hand chosen and special to both client, and jeweller. Not only does this personalised process provide the benefit of connection, but also ensures that the pieces stay within the client’s budgets as well!

Some Signature Solitaire Ring Variations

Many of the designs that Maddie makes are sleek and appear simplistic, yet require a vast amount of skill and experience to masterfully create. Maddie creates a wide variety of jewellery. Her favourite design is her signature thin solitaire. This ring contains the classic four prongs and an ultra-fine round wire band. It is the perfect design to show off a large coloured stone or diamond. Additionally, it can be worn stacked or on its own.

The personalised feature unique to Madeline’s jewellery is that she loves to add a hidden stone. This “sneaky” addition is a sentimental piece to the customer – a little secret to which the client can personally enjoy. It is a signature design that she has been successful with, not only with current clients but also in drawing the attention of prospective ones. It is the perfect engagement ring – one of Maddie’s personal passions – being trendy, stylistic, and highly personal.

“Challenges? Me? Welcome to my life!”

Powering through Challenges

Facing adversity and powering through difficulty has been one of the main strengths displayed by Madeline’s Jewellery by Design. Madeline knew she was going to face difficulty from when she first began her business. As we all know, COVID-19 was becoming a major world issue, affecting businesses around Australia. This is more so when attempting to open a shop and starting a new business. “No one was spending money on luxury items, everyone was in lockdown, and it was extremely difficult to find work”. With all this being the case, Madeline found work as a receptionist part-time to get through the year. She also relied on some support from her parents, who themselves have their own business. She learnt from them the ability to develop a business mindset which influenced her to continue her dreams of having a business.

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Additionally, Madeline was faced with further disaster, as the first shop premises which she opened in 2021 was destroyed by a fire that “lashed through the ceiling in the building complex.” Not only her own but many other shops nearby were all destroyed and affected by this fire. “Without a single cent paid towards compensation or moving costs from insurance or the building owners, it was a massive challenge”.

After only three months, her hard work and earnings which had all gone towards the new store were destroyed. “The mixture of stress, heartbreakingly having to leave my beloved shop, still making money and completing current jobs in time, and re-establishing the brand was a huge task”, but through sheer determination, perseverance, and love for the profession, she pushed through and is “happier and more successful than ever in my new location!”.

Giving back to the Community

In recent time’s Madeline’s Jewellery by Design has also partaken in some philanthropic efforts in order to give back to the jewellery community. One of them was the charity ball held in October 2021. She was invited to join this event by donating a two thousand dollar diamond, but with a fun twist.

The diamond was hidden inside a champagne glass which guests could purchase. Each glass contained one out of ninety-nine cubic zirconias or the individual prized diamond! Each glass cost a total of one hundred dollars, and donations went to the ‘Gifts of Hope’ foundation. A foundation that raises awareness and care for people with long term illnesses.

Madeline Duffy – Photo by Ben Yew

Everyone was able to test their diamonds at the end of the event. It was a beautiful moment when the lucky winner was revealed, and they had the real diamond. “This is a special moment in my career and it’s heartwarming to know that such a high value was donated to a really great cause. Although, we were all worried that someone would accidentally swallow the diamond!”

The event was highly successful, and raised a total of ten thousand dollars!

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