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Jeweller in Focus: Issue. 4
4th Week, January
Kidson Jewellery
Emma Kidson

Jewellery is an art form that explores the multitudinous facets of not only gemstones but of the individual creative attributes of each and every jeweller. This week, you are invited to come along and learn about Kidson Jewellery, and the hardworking prowess of Emma Kidson, who has managed to encompass two of her greatest passions when creating Jewellery. This includes floral design, as well as the beauty of Japanese culture.

The Force Behind Kidson Jewellery

Emma Kison – Kidson Jewellery

Emma Kidson grew up in NSW, around the rural communities of Orange and Molong. After finishing school, Emma was faced with what many call the most difficult decision in a young adult’s life; Deciding her career for the future. Emma has always been a rational individual. These characteristics shone through when she was deciding on possible career prospects. For example, Emma’s interests directly after leaving school were of sculpture and design. However, her forward-minded thinking recognised that there was a possibility for job insecurity during this time. As such,

Emma explored the pathway of jewellery/gold and silversmithing degrees as it was “a great middle-ground”. She was able to both become an artist, as well as have a stable and fulfilling trade to fall back on. In 2005, she relocated to Wagga Wagga in order to study a Bachelor of Arts/Jewellery at Charles Sturt University. Graduating with Distinction at the end of 2007, she immediately launched herself into the community, working as the bench jeweller in jewellery stores. After just one year of learning the ropes of the industry, she launched her own business. In the September of 2008, she launched what we know today, as Kidson Jewellery.

Some Gorgeous Kidson Jewellery Designs

Jewellery with a Twist

One of the major features which we noticed with Emma’s designs, in particular, was the regular influence of both Japanese, and floral cultures. We discovered that there were many reasons behind this stylistic choice. Emma’s love for Japanese art and design style originated when she was just 16 years old. Emma was fortunate enough to be a part of an exchange student program, and she travelled to Japan and fell in love with every part of Japanese culture. She cultivated her mindset to view everything from multiple different perspectives, including the “Japanese angle”. She explored how in Japanese design, there are “elements that disappear beyond the frame”, “block colours” and “minimalist details”. All of these elements play a role in Emma’s jewellery today and act as a nod to the amazing experiences she had while she was in Japan.

“Chrysanthemum Hooks” In Sterling Silver

The floral motifs which play a large role in her jewellery are also something that she is both proud of and adores within her own jewellery. “Floral motifs and fashion are just a match made in heaven!” Her jewellery explores the beauty of nature, where you can be carried away by the beauty of the plants around you. Some of her favourite types of plants that she explores are succulents, flowers, and leaves. All of which are innately at scale, and work very well in jewellery.

“It’s natural to take the elements that we see in nature and adorn ourselves with that beauty”

Forged in Metal – The Beautiful pieces of Kidson Jewellery

Emma Kidson’s jewellery style fluidly encompasses modern jewellery making techniques, as well as themes of Japanese culture. She works in order to produce quality jewellery which is perfect for a wide variety of individuals. This feature of her works is especially noticeable when considering the stones with which she works. “Tourmalines and Sapphires are my [Emma’s] absolute favourite!” And yet, she works with a wide variety of stones. She ensures that these stones elevate her jewellery by ensuring that they are “well-cut”. She also thoroughly enjoys the lustre of stones and loves to work with bi-colour stones in particular.

Kidson Jewellery primarily focuses on rings when producing jewellery. This is because Emma believes that jewellery should mainly be made for the enjoyment of the wearer. “I tend to gravitate towards rings, as as the wearer, one gets to enjoy it so much more than earings or necklaces, as our hands are constantly in front of us”. Emma’s passion for ring design definitely shines through, especially when considering that each piece is individually catered and created to be beautiful, stunning, and unique. This can be seen in Marika’s Ring, which features three beautiful tourmalines set in white gold. The sleek combination of white gold and turquoise blue of the tourmaline complement each other providing extravagant beauty to the stone.

~~~ “I like to pair together assortments of bright coloured gems in bezels on stacking rings” ~~~

“Renato’s Brooch” Hand fabricated in 18ct yellow gold and sterling

However, rings aren’t the only pieces that Emma Kidson creates. She utilises her signature style to create earrings, hooks, necklaces, and many other types of jewellery as well. In all of her work, Emma “enjoys paring back the elements of recognisable plants and saw-piercing those details into a metal”. Furthermore, she loves to add her signature style of “incorporating organic-cast plant cuttings” into a lot of her pieces.

Our Top 5 Kidson Jewellery Pieces

Pushing the Boundaries

Over the years, there have been many challenges, and sources of inspiration that Emma has had! One of these is her trip to Japan when she was still in high school. Emma learnt about a wide variety of new characteristics in both design and culture. Furthermore, this is where her love for Japanese art, flowers, and culture originated from.

Emma Kidson in Japan

Even in the earlier stages of her career, Emma faced many challenges. This included her exposure to clients, and how she spread her name in the industry. To overcome this challenge, Emma would “connect with clients through designer markets”, and eventually build up a strong “online following on social media platforms”.

Another important stand-out feature of Kidson Jewellery is her awareness of her online presence within the industry. Specifically, the emphasis on online awareness in regards to photography, websites, and advertising, would not be as easily accessible without the internet.

Emma continues to push the boundaries of this October (2022) with her exhibition of pieces in Jewellery Week in Milan Italy! Be on the lookout for her amazing works, and support her as she enters the international scheme!

Emma Kidson in Japan

A Message to future Jewellers:

The Jewellery industry is very challenging and difficult to manage. There are many blockades and challenges that you may face. This includes the difficulty of communication and competition with ‘larger players’ of the industry. It’s difficult to gain information, trust, and develop a reputation. However, Keep hanging in there! Always remember the convenience customers to be able to talk to a person about a stone, or piece of jewellery being purchased. Know your advantages, work with what you have, and develop what you don’t. I’d like to add, remember who you are making these pieces for. In this industry, you not only help yourself but the people around you. “However, if you’re not getting the right vibes from a job, chances are it’s not going to end well. You’re much better off turning jobs down or re-making something that you weren’t happy with the first time around.

I remember the moments for me that remind me why I do this. Early in my career, I met Katrina who had terribly arthritic finger joints. She hadn’t been able to wear her wedding and engagement ring in many years. I offered to make her old rings into one with a hinged mechanism to open, slip over her swollen joints and then close in the right place on the finger. The tears in her eyes and pure joy on her face when she put that ring on… well, that’s the reason we do what we do. Find your passion, and stick with it!”

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  1. Janet Avatar

    Wonderful interview with Emma. Insightful and down to earth. Her work
    Is contemporary and on point without being overworked. This is one of the most difficult end results to achieve when designing jewellery as there are so many options. Stone colours, types and shapes, then metal colours and karat quality. She is exceptional in her ability to filter her design process by paring down any extraneous elements. Everything coalesces in that intrinsic Japanese aesthetic that inspires her so much.