Plumeria Design – A Floral Facet of Jewellery

Jeweller in Focus: Issue. 2
2nd Week, January
Bob Bell

Plumeria Design is an Adelaide-based Jewellery business that excels in designing a vast array of both simple and complex jewellery whilst utilising “old school” techniques to bring their pieces to life. The man behind this company is Bob Bell. Plumeria; the scientific name of the Frangipani flower, which is the symbol of matrimony, is the namesake of the business. It represents the ability of jewellery to bring people together and symbolises the mutual love and respect that exists between people, and the business.

The Man Behind the Metal – Bob Bell

Bob found his passion for jewellery while studying to become an apprentice jeweller. During his time, he played around with many different varieties of stones, and styles of jewellery. “Old school” methods of jewellery making captivated him, and now, he creates his simple yet elegant designs by taking it back to the basics to create timeless pieces for clients and loved ones. Bob continuously ensures that he is ahead of the game, prioritising his knowledge and expertise on developing trends, and innovating new and exciting ways to display the customer’s wants through the beauty of his designs.

Bob’s experience ranges from working in the Gold Coast, to Adelaide. Furthermore, Bob’s passion in artwork, radiating from jewellery to tattoos, and the symbolism they provide, allow him to progress and excel in designing for customers around Australia. He is proud to now own and operate his own store in Adelaide: Plumeria Design.

Bob Bell – The man behind Plumeria Design

“[With Plumeria Design] The [gem]stone is the star of the show!”

‘Old School’ is Back In Style

Plumeria Design – Two-tone Rose-White Gold Rectangular Spinel Ring

Plumeria Design utilises multiple techniques and features in order to accentuate its elegant designs. Utilising smooth curves and geometric shapes, Bob ensures that the stone is the star of the show. Bob takes a lot of inspiration for his pieces from the things that he loves in life. His process of designing is free-flowing. Grabbing a pen and playing around with ideas that were brainstormed, to finally create the perfect piece. The journey he takes in order to create these designs is difficult to recreate. Bob utilises the methodology “to measure twice and cut once”, an ideal which has “saved him over many years”. Furthermore, Plumeria Design draws on the experiences of past pieces and merges a wide variety of ideas together in order to create the perfect final piece for the customer. Some examples are shown here.

A stunning gold ring with a pink baguette spinel! The piece above, vividly displays the pink tones of the gemstone by utilising two-tone rose and white gold. Further selecting claws to perfectly hold and display the main stone. Similar to the nuanced fragrances of the frangipani flower, this particular Plumeria Design also contains small diamonds which further add a gleam to the stone in a traditional yet innovative manner.

Plumeria Design – Silver Zircon Signet Ring

A beautiful pear zircon signet ring based on silver. Once again the piece displays the simplistic beauty of Bob’s designs. This ring also contains the signature smooth curves of Plumeria Design, further embellishing the ‘old school’ beauty of jewellery. Furthermore, the bezel of the ring allows for the head (stone piece of the ring) to contain a thick border. Adding stability and depth to the piece. The seamless transition from the shank (body of the ring) to stone is representative of the smooth tones of Plumeria Design’s jewellery.

Plumeria Design’s Jewellery displays brilliance through simplicity, providing an array of gorgeous choices for customers while meeting any needs which they want. All while bringing beauty to both gemstones and metal through the mastery of traditional techniques.

An educational Journey into the future

Within the jewellery industry, educating customers on the importance of quality has been a challenge since the very beginning. This has been no less for Plumeria Design. One of the challenges which Bob has faced over many years is educating customers to choose quality over quantity. One example being “the cheap chain store products which can be hollowed or filled with jewellery”. These kinds of products are not durable, nor do they have the same beauty of jewellery of a higher quality. Plumeria Design works in order to show how important quality is. And although it is a challenge for the present and the future, Bob continues to strive forward with jewellery.

“Everything has led me to where I am today, as cheesy as it might sound, I am grateful for the journey and the lessons”

Our Top 5 Plumeria Design Jewellery Pieces

Bob further wants to teach apprentices about his line of work within the jewellery industry. He strives to provide the same opportunities that he has been given, and help all those around him. In this way, he gives back to the mentors in the community who have given so much to him.

Ever since Bob was an apprentice, he had dreamed of opening his own store. Now that he has been able to do this, he plans to build up the business. This allows him to maintain and develop his skills, and open another store! Plumeria Design has many plans for the future. All of which are exciting and innovative. Every step of the way is another part of the journey, no matter the challenge. And this has given Plumeria Design the ability to push forward both now, and into the future!

Authored By
Chathula L. Kiripitige

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