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Jeweller in Focus: Issue. 1
1st Week, January
Bianca Librandi

White November is a contemporary jewellery business based in Melbourne, Australia. Regularly featuring contemporary and traditional jewellery designs, yet with their own unique twist, White November explores the celestial and otherworldly qualities of jewellery and the gemstones associated with them. This is due to the intriguing background of the company’s founder; Bianca Librandi.

This article seeks to explore Bianca’s journey, her unique jewellery, and what people can learn from her experiences.

The Face of White November

Bianca’s passion for jewellery began as she explored courses during university, with one subject being an RMIT Elective course. She loved how the jewellery elective allowed her to create 3D designs that could fit in her hand, as opposed to some of the large scale architectural models she previously explored. The birth of her business, White November, arose through her mentor at the time. Bianca was challenged to produce earring designs for the book ‘500 Earrings – New Directions in Contemporary Jewelry’. Unfortunately, she missed the submission deadline for the book. Nevertheless, these earring designs are the foundation for her very first jewellery range.

From the beginning of her business in 2013 to where she is now, Bianca has faced many challenges. One of them being brand awareness, and showing the presence of White November to the world. However, through her persistence, she has managed to excel! Today, Bianca utilises social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to expand its clientele. Bianca loves using these tools to directly interact with her audiences in real-time.

Bianca Librandi – The Face of White November

“Every piece [of White November Jewellery] is crafted to be a timeless reflection of the White November signature aesthetic”

Jewellery for the Stars

Summer Ring – Inspired by Donna Summer, this modern take on a timeless Art Deco design captures the ethereal beauty and giddy hedonism so effortlessly personified by the 70’s icon.

The Jewellery of White November portrays its own unique view into the world of contemporary jewellery. They not only utilise stunningly sleek and simplistic designs to grasp the attention of their clients. But also flourishes more complex designs which are breathtakingly beautiful. Bianca states “The pieces created for the ‘collection’ category drive the brand’s unique design DNA into interesting new directions”. This is then accompanied by the Bespoke Category, which customises these pieces to provide an individualised and personalised meaning and significance for the wearer.

Furthermore, each of White November’s collections follows either a celestial or an architectural theme. Lunatopia, their newest collection, draws inspiration from the 1969 Moon Landings. Lance Armstrong’s first steps on the moon being a symbolic feat of progression in the space industry are symbolic of the progressive and sleek contemporary designs featured within the collection. Whether it be the radiant rays of sunlight reflecting off the moon’s surface on the Lunar Pendant or the double halo loops of the Samantha Drop Earrings which encompass both the crescent moon and full moon shape. The stunning pieces of White November’s Collection utilise the disparity of gold metal and stones to juxtapose both the light and dark.

Toi et Moi Ring – Toi et Moi, meaning ‘you and me’ in French; some of the most romantic and simple words someone could hear from a loved one. Toi et Moi rings are made with two stones that are set next to each other without ever touching.

Our Top 5 White November Rings

Ethical Jewellery

Another characteristic of White November that is unique to their profile is the ethical acquisition of metal and stones. White November uses recycled and ethically sourced materials. The rebirth of old pieces into new pieces is suited to “meet the client’s needs” and allows clients to “fall even more in love with their pieces”.

Cote Callioux Ring – Meaning Rock Coast Line in French – A modern envisionment of the moon shimmering among the rocky french coastal waters

The ethical sourcing of metals consists of three main categories. This includes free trade, free mined, and recycled metals. With a majority of large jewellery companies transitioning into ethical resources, White November follows this trend and allows clients to reduce their environmental impact. This allows peace of mind, ensuring that not only does the client end with a beautiful piece from the White November collection, but also has had a positive impact on the environment around them.

White November – From Past to Present

Bianca’s journey through White November has had many ups and downs, but the adventure has been worth it. Bianca is very proud that she is at the stage of her entrepreneurial journey where she is able to do what she loves every day and full-time. Some of the highlights of here pursuit have been the design of the “Stella Ring Stack”. It is a fully customisable item that was inspired by the “timelessness of the galaxy, and otherworldly features”.

A triage of White November’s stunning jewellery, each with a sleek shimmering design – Summer Ring – Serena Ring – Toi et Moi Ring

When reflecting upon her journey, Bianca was asked to describe three qualities she believed fulfilled her persona within White November. Her responses were as follows:

Fearlessness – Taking risks and pursuing goals outside of her comfort zone. These risks are necessary to improve a business and were vital for the growth of her company.

Problem Solving – This relates to both her interactions with clients, as well as the challenges she sets for herself. With clients, problem-solving is necessary to traverse through different designs and overcome different restrictions whether it be price, time, or materials required to formulate completely new designs. Especially when exploring the integration. of the White November aesthetic.

Creativity – Being able to interpret the ideas of her clients into beautiful and meaningful designs.

A Message to Future Jewellers:

The Jewellery industry is one that is extremely competitive. Standing out and having your own unique voice is key. Persistence and consistency are definitely key, regardless of what platforms you use to reach clients. Not only that, but it is important to learn from the best in the industry. Pursue mentorships, understand the actions of people around you, and hone the necessary skills to develop your business. Your skills can come from the most unexpected places, and I can say that for sure. Bianca’s customer service skills, which she started forming as a teenager working in retail, have been hugely significant in knowing how to best work with clients, especially when making custom pieces. Work through the challenges which you face, and you too will be able to enjoy yourself while doing the things you love.

Authored By
Chathula L. Kiripitige

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