Uruguayan Amethyst – Purple – Pear – 3.41 Carats

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“Purple be me! Purple be you!”

Purple by itself is a beautiful colour. What our master lapidarists have done with this amethyst is that they have nurtured this purple colour and raised it with a stunning flower cut pavilion and pear shape. With a carat weight of 3.41 carats and the dimensions of 11.77mm by 8.85mm and a pavilion depth of 6.45mm, this stone is from the mines of Uruguay, known for being the locality which produces the best quality of Amethysts. It has a loupe clean clarity, as well as being completely natural having not undergone any types of heat treatment. The vivid colour of this Amethyst allows you to embrace the purple for yourself. So we are begging you, please don’t miss the opportunity for you to be purple!

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What are the 4Cs? Gemological Institute of America – The 4Cs

Details and Specifications

Identity: Natural Crystalline Quartz var. Amethyst
Carat Weight: 3.41 Carats
Dimensions: 11.77mm x 8.85mm x 6.45mm
Colour: Purple
Clarity: Loupe Clean
Cut: Pear, Flower Cut
Origin: Uruguay
Treatment: None

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Identity: Natural Crystalline Quartz var. Amethyst
Origin: Uruguay


Carat Weight: 3.41 Carats
Colour: In all forms of light this stone is purple in colour.
Clarity: In addition, this purple Uruguayan Amethyst is Loupe Clean.
Cut: This purple Uruguayan Amethyst has a Pear shape with a flower cut pavilion.

What are the 4Cs: Gemological Institute of America – The 4Cs


Amethyst – Crystalline Quartz: A Family Affair


Quartz, Quartz, Quartz. Probably one of the most popular families of gemstones ever found. Ever heard of: Amethyst? Citrine? Lemon Quartz? Smoky Quartz… Jasper? Well, here’s a tiny surprise for you. Yes, you may have guessed it they are all quartz. In fact, by definition Quartz is a chemical compound of silicon and oxygen, silicon dioxide SiO2. You may have heard this chemical formula in your days in high school; it is the same chemical formula as sand: the same sand which covers our beaches and the same sand which is used to make beautiful pieces of glassware.

Therefore, it is just simply impossible to cover one such large topic in one article. Hence, we have split the Quartz Family into their gemological identities of Crystalline and Cryptocrystalline. Furthermore, we split it further into the different varieties of each family. Thus, In this article, we will dissect and examine one of the more popular Quartz: Amethyst.


Amethyst dates back to the times of Ancient Greece, where mythology predicated origin. The origin of Amethyst has different versions, however, the summarization is the same. Amethyst was said to be a young woman, accidentally caught in the wrath of the Greek God of Wine, Dionysus. When Amethyst called for help, the Goddess Diana came and turned the girl to a white gemstone(allegedly quartz). Once sober, Dionysius, extremely remorseful, wept into his half-full goblet of wine, which overflowed and dyed the quartz purple. This is the story of how Amethyst came to be. The lore is not just a mere story. Spiritualists believe the amethyst is the gemstone helping the drunk become sober. The amethyst is also the gemstone helping the sober not become drunk. (Do Not Attempt).

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 19 × 26 × 4 cm



11.77 x 8.85 x 6.45

Carat Weight





Flower, Pear


Loupe Clean