Annie – Design – Madagascan Sapphires

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Annie is a design containing a small set of lavender coloured Madagascan Sapphires, consisting of one emerald cut and three round sapphires, alternating and graduating in size and colour saturation. The different shapes create a harmony between the gemstones on a piece of jewellery, where the blockiness of the emerald cut is softened by the curviness of the rounds. The design was inspired by the seaside of Sri Lanka, where the ocean meets the rail tracks and box carriage trains. All of these gorgeous sapphires were faceted in our own lapidary in Sri Lanka by our expert lapidarists. The colour of this set is absolutely gorgeous, with the soft hues of lavender which will don your fingers. All of the stones used in Annie are natural and unheated, making the whole design an entity that is to be sought after. 

Let Annie, take you to the lavender seaside, where your eyes may soothe and your heart may soar!

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What are the 4Cs? Gemological Institute of America – The 4Cs

Details and Specifications

Identity: Natural Corundum var. Sapphire
Carat Weight: 0.43 Carats
Colour: Light Purple
Origin: Madagascar
Treatment: None

These sets are one-off designs with the specifications relating to the specific set shown. If you want additional sets, prices and colours may vary. Please CONTACT US today for more details...

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Design Name: Annie Sapphire Set
Natural Corundum var. Sapphire
Origin: Madagascar

The Annie Set was designed by Punala Kiripitige, from The Gem Monarchy.

What are the 4Cs: Gemological Institute of America – The 4Cs


The first find, although small, was in the early 1990s in the north of the island. Conjunctively, the discovery in the small southern village of Ilakaka increased the country’s relevance in the gemstone industry. Once a small, poverty-stricken hamlet with a population of just 40 residents, the town suddenly expanded exponentially. What was once a sleepy truck stop of small shacks, suddenly became the mecca of sapphire miners. Over a two year period, hordes of people almost 60,000 strong descended on Ilakaka wishing to make a fortune. They came from impoverished towns all over the island and from Sri Lanka, Thailand and many other countries

Before 1998 the largest producers of sapphires were Sri Lanka and Thailand. However, between 1998 and 2007 Madagascar became the largest producer of sapphires in the world. Additionally, the country houses many mines, owned by international companies who are mining gemstones commercially. Smaller mines run by locals who are using traditional mining methods sit right alongside these commercially owned mines in mutualism…

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 19 × 26 × 4 cm

Sapphire Set

Carat Weight





Light Purple