African Tourmaline – Brown – Rectangle – 2.60 Carats

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This yellowish-brown Dravite Tourmaline weighing 2.6 carats, is an ideal stone to be featured in any setting. Supporting the dimensions of 8.50mm by 6.29mm as well as a pavilion depth of 4.94mm this wonder of nature is natural and has not undertaken any treatment. Originating from our own mines located in Africa, the emerald shape with a modified step cut pavilion is a cut of the highest quality, crafted by our own master lapidarists in Sri Lanka, creating eye-catching sparkle. The stone has a loupe clean clarity. Historically, Tourmaline has been referred to as a magic stone boosting vitality and vigour in both women and men. Although we cannot confirm this, we can confirm that the colour of this stone is absolutely magical: brown with a hint of yellow. This stone absolutely belongs on your ring finger, so grab it before it is too late.

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What are the 4Cs? Gemological Institute of America – The 4Cs

Details and Specifications

Identity: Natural Tourmaline
Carat Weight: 2.60 Carats
Dimensions: 8.50mm x 6.29mm x 4.94mm
Colour: Brownish Yellow
Clarity: Loupe Clean
Cut: Rectangle, Step Cut (Emerald Cut)
Origin: Africa
Treatment: None

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Identity: Natural Tourmaline
Origin: Africa


Carat Weight: 2.60 Carats
Colour: This African tourmaline is brown in colour in all forms of light.
Clarity: Eye Clean
Cut: This brown African tourmaline has a rectangular shape with modified step pavilion facets.

What are the 4Cs: Gemological Institute of America – The 4Cs


African Tourmaline

Tourmalines are a type of gemstone from a group which composes of boron-silicate minerals, coming in a variety of different colours. It also contains different elements such as magnesium, sodium, aluminium, iron, potassium and lithium. Additionally, the individual minerals have different chemical compositions but share a common crystal structure, allowing for the aforementioned wide range in colour.

Also mined in various part of the world, Brazil and the African continent are the largest producers in the world. Africa especially, there are various countries which mine the precious stone including: Mozambique, which produces clean stones that are lighter in saturation and larger in size, Zambia, Madagascar, Nigeria and Namibia. In addition, each country displaying a different primary property.

The name “Tourmaline” however, does not originate from any of these countries. The Sinhalese(official language of Sri Lanka) word “tura mali” which means: stone with different colours, is the primary origin. The name refers to the impressive spectrum of colours this gem comes in. According to ancient Egyptian legends, the Tourmaline passes through the rainbow on its journey to the Earth, giving the mixture of different colours. People still refer to the tourmaline today as the gemstone of the rainbow.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 19 × 26 × 4 cm



8.50 x 6.29 x 4.94

Carat Weight



Brown, Orange


Emerald, Rectangle, Step


Loupe Clean