Pretty Pink Sapphire: A Bubblegum Delicacy

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A Pretty Paragraph

Pink Sapphires have long been the second narrator in the story of sapphires. Working hand-in-hand with its close sibling the blue sapphire, the bubblegum delicacy in the current market is a coveted gemstone. However, before we discuss the end, we must first explore the beginning. So let’s explore: The Pretty Pink Sapphire.

The Two Giants of Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire Deposits exist all around the world, but the two giant pink sapphire deposits are Sri Lanka(Ceylon) and Madagascar. The former being the oldest producer of sapphires in the world, and the latter although younger is a close competitor for pink sapphires. Additionally, sapphires from each deposit have their own characteristics and uniquities.

Sri Lanka(Ceylon)

Pink Sapphires in Sri Lanka(Ceylon) are stones that pioneer the gemstone trade. The pink hue isn’t restricted to one part of Ceylon, with deposits found all over the island nation. The most notable mentions are the deposits surrounding the Gem Mecca of Ratnapura, where miners and merchants convene to sell their parcels. The Ceylonese material is extremely clean, with an even spread of colour within the gemstones themselves. Although there is slight banding of colour in some, the majority reflect that of a worthy competitor to the pink diamond. Before the discovery of Madagascar(next paragraph) as a source of pink, Ceylonese Pink Sapphires were quite rare. Even after the aforementioned discovery the clarity and hue which the Sri Lankan material offered were unrivalled.


The introduction of Madagascan sapphires into the gemstone market was approximately in the month of October in 1998. Additionally, the focus and development of the bare and barren land of the Ilakaka region, to a modern-day sapphire capital brought refreshed eyes to Pink Sapphires. The Ilakaka region is now synonymous with pink sapphires. A characteristic of sapphires from the region especially pink is having microscopic dust inclusions within the stones. This clarity feature of Madagascan origin sapphires is less on better stones from the region. Despite this, stones that do have these features, surprisingly to the naked eye, are stunning on a pedestal. Remember, although the region is a large producer of pink corundum, it also produces sapphires of a variety of hues and saturations. (Read more on Sapphires of Madagascan Origin)

The Pink Sapphire Colour Range

pink, sapphire, madagascar, sri lanka, ceylon, colour range
The Pink Sapphire Colour Range

A Pretty Pink Sapphire, like many other gemstones, is in categories according to hues, tones, and saturation. The range in pink sapphires is more confusing than that of the blue sapphire. If you go too pink with a mixture of red, it reaches the ruby category. Additionally, mix a little bit of orange in tone, it becomes a padparadscha sapphire. Therefore, we have created a colour gradient of what can be classified as a pink sapphire. The colour gradient utilizes two different specifications of pink: one mixing with a slightly red tone and one mixing with a slightly purple tone. Additionally, the perfect amalgamation of pink creates a situation that even Goldilocks won’t be able to refuse.

Pastel Pink

The cover photo which we have used in this article shows the perfect range of what we consider as mid-tone, perfect saturation, pink sapphires. The variations which further extend from the photo is that of the pastel range where there is a decrease in saturation. Observing the photograph, showing some pastel pink sapphires. Although they were in our database of sold stock, they prove a great example of pastel pink sapphires. Characteristic pastel pink sapphires are more common in that of sapphires of Madagascan origin, although those of Ceylonese origin do exist. Also, the popularity of a pink sapphire which is not as bold as a bubblegum pink sapphire is rising.

Pastel Pink Sapphire – Heart Pair

Bubblegum/Hot Pink vs Ruby Red

Converse to the pastel pink sapphire, the bubblegum pink sapphire is one of the rarest variations of pink sapphires. This rarity reflecting the price, with some even soaring above ordinary blue sapphires.

The depth of saturation reflects the general quantity of chromium within the gemstone. As the amount of chromium increases, the increasingly pink sapphire comes to that of the colour of a ruby. Therefore, it has been a long-standing debate in the gemstone trade as to whether individual pink sapphires are pink sapphires or rubies. The humorous conclusion being: when you sell it is a ruby, but when you buy it it’s a pretty pink sapphire.

Comparatively, the scientific conclusion according to the Gemological Institute of America revolves around primary hues and saturation.

A plate of pink and purple sapphires.

If the primary colour of a sapphire leans toward pink it is a pink sapphire. If the primary colour skews towards red it is a ruby. Nonetheless, the objectivity to differentiating between the two still remains. Additionally, to eliminate this further the GIA has master sets of gemstones which are used to define colour classifications and thus colour grade a sapphire.

The photo on the left displays a plate of purple and pink sapphires, where the darker pink sapphires, are classed as a bubblegum pink.

Pink Sapphire Jewellery

Pink Sapphire Jewellery is far overshadowed by jewelry containing blue sapphires. But the subtle beauty makes its own appearance in the crown jewels of the English royal family. In fact, The Queen has been seen wearing a pink sapphire and diamond brooch to many prestigious events. The exact historical and gemological details of the piece itself hasn’t been disclosed to the public. Details of its beauty don’t need to be released to the public as we can admire it with our eyes.

The Beautiful Pink Sapphire in this brooch, supported by the diamond surrounding complements the beautiful baby pink dress of her majesty.

In contrast to big cocktail brooches, Van Cleef and Arpels’ Brume de Saphir collection contains three pieces(earrings, necklace and bracelet) containing countless pink sapphires and diamonds. The pink pieces amounting to prices which are simply unfathomable, over $100,000 USD each, to the general public. The beauty of the rose gold in this collection amplifies the colour combination of the diamonds and the pink sapphires. Additionally, having uniform round brilliant cut gemstones brings an unparalleled beauty to the three pieces. Don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at the three pieces below.


The beauty of pink sapphires, although not the most commonly known, can compete against their diamond rivals on the global stage. The variations of pink sapphire, depending on their chromium content, create a beauty unparalleled by any other stone. With their popularity increasing, the best time to jump on the pink sapphire craze is right now! And what better way to do that than to visit The Gem Monarchy’s store and see some pretty pink sapphires.


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