Spinels: A Cheaper Alternative

An Introduction

Spinel has a lower hardness than both sapphire and ruby on the Mohs’ scale of hardness. Its uniqueness derives from its presentation in many colours, sharply pointed crystal shape, and natural sparkle. These characteristics make it similar to diamonds, due to both being in the cubic crystal system. They also are a major factor in the naming of the stone as according to some etymologists and Gemologists.

A Short History

The history of these stones go as far back as to the ancient landmines of the South East and Central Asia. Another name for spinels in these regions, are “Ballas rubies” and were much coveted as spoils during ancient imperial wars. It was also a treasure among kings and emperors.

Black Prince’s Ruby

The Black Prince’s Ruby is a famous Spinel mined in the mountains of Afghanistan. The stone was set on the English Crown, however is still often mistaken for a Ruby, although tests prove otherwise.

Center Stone of the Imperial State Crown of England: Black Prince’s Ruby, which was in fact an amazingly Red Spinel
Timur Ruby

The Timur Ruby (also mistakenly called a ruby) used for inscriptions by the Persians, is another glaring example of a spinel. laymen often incorrectly categorise these stones as they are unaware of the synthetic counterparts of the spinel.This has led many people to be unaware about the true and beautiful nature of the original and natural version of this absurd synthetic so-called “Spinel”.

The Timur Ruby(also mistakenly called a ruby) is also a vivid red spinel.

With the recent increase in prices of gemstones like diamonds and ruby, spinels are an affordable alternative gemstone, which open a new door into the world of royalties. Like the legendary phoenix of Greek and Asian mythologies, this awesome gemstone will certainly give you a godlike aura of beauty; the kind of beauty seen around blossoming flowers in spring as they rejuvenate from the harshness of winter cold.

Much of the public seems to be unaware of the royal return of the Spinel and this is exactly what makes it affordable for customers in the modern era. Additionally, it is important to recognise that although spinels are much cheaper than the common pearl, they are also much more valuable. Additionally, they will display around you an air of natural beauty and valour which is more commonly associated with kings.

Imperial Crown of Russia

Stones from the spinel family, historically have been set into England’s State Crown and is held at the Tower of London. Furthermore, they are an adornment on the Crown of the Russian Emperor; a gemstone of about 398.72 carats making up an integral part of the Moscow Kremlin Armory State Diamond Fund collection.

The Imperial Crown of Russia donning a Red Spinel at the center.

A Gem of Beauty

Imagine you are adorned with one of the rarest and most historic gemstones like the Spinel. These stones are available in a colour of your choice ranging from vivid ruby-like red, cobalt blue, bright pink and orange. Even if you are allergic to these bright colours, spinels still much presents in paler colours such as violet-blue, lavender, grey, yellow, and brown. These paler colours are much more affordable than the brighter ones. Hence, is another reason to purchase this cheaper and legendary alternative, selected for you from the myriads of other gemstones.

Best of all the beauty of Spinel is that it is natural when compared to other treated stones some of which are synthetic and artificial. Our natural spinel carries with it a symbol of beauty, femininity, resurrection, divinity, rejuvenation, eternity and fire, with its illuminating and soothing characteristics that wouldn’t leave you indifferent.


The spinel is a unique modern gemstone. Its influence in the gemstone market arises due to its multitude of bright colours that are ever so gorgeous in natural light, caused by a higher refractive index property. The durability of the stone is also not an issue, with this legendary gemstone having an average hardness of 8 on the Mohs’ Scale. Spinel is an ideal gemstone for all kinds of jewels, due to the fact it is so durable and excellently polished. Spinels are abundant in our collection, yet they are scarce around the world.

“Dog’s tears are more easily found than Spinel.”

Its scarcity, more specifically with red spinels, described by Wise

“In my own career I have seen only two True reds. They are without question the rarest and most sought after of all Spinel.”

(Wise, G.R. 2006).

This scarcity adds on to its value. It will impact you greatly, giving you a feeling of greatness. When you buy a spinel, the money you spend is definitely justified for by its beauty.

A Common Question

Why is the price of such great a gemstone so low?

Two main characteristics determine the cost and value of a stone; specifically the rarity of the stone, and the popularity of the stone. Throughout time as more “true precious” stones have been favoured, the popularity of the Spinel has been low irregardless of its increased rarity. Thus, the price of the spinel has been quite low. However, the popularity of particular stones are changing constantly in modern times.

With this in mind, go for the true alternative gemstone…Go for Spinel and add radiance to your aura.


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