Madagascan Sapphire – Purplish Pink – Pear – 0.62 Carats


“Pink is pure, trustworthy. There’s a reason it’s called a pinky promise.”

We pinky promise that you won’t regret purchasing this beautiful purplish pink sapphire originating from our mines in Madagascar. With a beautiful pear shape and a modified pavilion, this gorgeous beauty is 0.62 carats. The stone has the dimensions of 4.02mm by 7.03mm and a pavilion depth of 2.92mm, making it a considerably larger stone despite its carat weight. The stone has a modified cut, something fancy and unique, which only our lapidarists consider after examining the stone very closely under magnification. Like many of our other gemstones, this beauty is also natural and unheated increasing its value over its heated counterpart. An absolute eye clean stone, this stone to the naked eye does not show any clarity imperfections, so would be worth your dollar. Pink is pure and trustworthy, and there is nothing purer than this stone and nothing more trustworthy than The Gem Monarchy.

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Identity: Natural Corundum var. Sapphire
Origin: Madagascar


Carat Weight: 0.62 Carats
Colour: Under a cold light this stone is purplish-pink in colour, while under a warm light it is purple in colour.
Clarity: In addition, this touching Purplish Pink Madagascan Sapphire is Eye Clean.
Cut: This Pink Madagascan Sapphire has a pear shape with a modified pavilion.

What are the 4Cs: Gemological Institute of America – The 4Cs


Pretty Pink Sapphire


Pink Sapphires have long been the second narrator in the story of sapphires. Working hand-in-hand with its close sibling the blue sapphire, the bubblegum delicacy in the current market is a coveted gemstone. However, before we discuss the end, we must first explore the beginning. So let’s explore: The Pretty Pink Sapphire.


Pink Sapphire Deposits exist all around the world, but the two giant pink sapphire deposits are Sri Lanka(Ceylon) and Madagascar. The former being the oldest producer of sapphires in the world, and the latter although younger is a close competitor for pink sapphires. Additionally, sapphires from each deposit have their own characteristics and iniquities.


The introduction of Madagascan sapphires into the gemstone market was approximately in the month of October in 1998. Additionally, the focus and development of the bare and barren land of the Ilakaka region, to a modern-day sapphire capital brought refreshed eyes to Pink Sapphires. The Ilakaka region is now synonymous with pink sapphires. A characteristic of sapphires from the region especially pink is having microscopic dust inclusions within the stones. This clarity feature of Madagascan origin sapphires is less on better stones from the region. Despite this, stones that do have these features, surprisingly to the naked eye, could be placed on a pedestal. Remember, although the region is a large producer of pink corundum, it also produces sapphires of a variety of hues and saturations. (Read more on Sapphires of Madagascan Origin)

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4.02 x 7.03 x 2.92

Carat Weight



Pink, Purple, Purple-ish Pink


Modified, Pear


Eye Clean





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