Design & Create

Welcome to the Online Gemstone Boutique, The Gem Monarchy’s retail outlet connecting YOU, our retail clients, with a stunning gemstone, curated from our collection, to create a stunning piece of jewellery with a design of YOUR DREAMS. Whether it may be through a jeweller of your choice, or even from a list of our highly skilled artisan colleagues, we help YOU make YOUR VISION a reality!

We have simplified the process to 4 SIMPLE STEPS, where we help you along all of the steps to allow you to make the best decision for yourself.



Although the world of jewellery shrouds itself with an element of adoration and allure, a practical approach is vital when making a jewellery purchase. A budget can determine which type of gemstone that you’ll be able to achieve and would sway the purpose of your jewellery piece.



The perfect gemstone is driven by the colour which you are drawn towards, as well as the purpose of the piece. Different gemstones have different hardnesses which serve different jewellery pieces and occasions. Allow us to guide you through the gemstone selection process.



After a perfect gemstone is selected, a perfect design is required for a perfect piece of jewellery. We individually go through different styles and elements of jewellery with you to all you to reach the aesthetic which you are after to get a unique piece made for you!



The perfect artisan to bring your piece to fruition is one of the most important steps in the process. Different jewellers are known for different styles and different designs. Being well connected in the gemstone and jewellery trade we are able to guide you to the jeweller who is the best fit for you!

Keen to get started? Well all we need is for you to fill out the form below, with the required information and our Gemstone Consultants will get straight back to you! Remember, this is the online gemstone boutique experience, designed to make you get the most of our gemstones and expertise.

Yours Truly,
The Gem Monarchy Team